Subject: crystallisation separation manufacturers
Content: Wuxi Hong Tong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd under the Wuxi Ming Yan Equipment Group Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of MVR evaporation system, double stirred reactor, multi-functional dispersion reactor, vacuum rake dryer and other chemical equipment products. The company is located in the vast expanse of the banks of the Taihu Lake, and the picturesque Taihu Lake Scenic Area adjacent. North of Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, the Beijing-Shanghai railway, south of Taihu Lake Expressway Nanquan exit 500 meters east of Wuxi Economic Development Zone, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, 312 State Road, only 5 km away from Wuxi Airport, The environment and traffic are unique. The company has a high quality sewage treatment system, waste water treatment system, sewage wastewater treatment system. The company is set petrochemical equipment research, development, production for many years engaged in the production of chemical equipment manufacturing enterprises. Here not only the domestic advanced testing, production, manufacturing equipment, a group of well-known petrochemical equipment from scientific research, manufacturing units outstanding outstanding technical elite, there are a number of years engaged in machinery and equipment manufacturing production management and technical workers team. The company will be committed to the oil, chemical equipment research, development and manufacturing. And strive to the above areas of equipment constantly updated, perfect, meet or exceed the world advanced level. 本公司已与新加坡安义集团(新加坡派恩环保科技有限公司)签署长期废水处理合作协议。 汽提+ MVR节能技术深度处理各行业的蒸汽处理和蒸馏。 做到了,通过多种方式来满足客户对排放的要求,经过废水排放处理后得到了客户的一致好评。 公司主要生产刮板蒸发器,真空耙式干燥器,双搅拌器反应设备,设计,安装,调试到交钥匙工程。 产品远销瑞士,印度,日本,新加坡,老挝等国家,深受用户好评! 欢迎广大用户前来指导学习! The company will follow the "customer first, reputation-based, quality assurance," the principle of dedication to new and old customer service, contribute to the cause of China's petrochemical industry.        crystallisation separation manufacturers website: