Subject: ‘Calling’ my friends in the 1960s never involved a
Content: Fifty years ago Downriver, the only phones we knew had rotary [url=]Tim Schaller Authentic Jersey[/url] dials and were hanging on the kitchen wall, not tucked in our back pocket. [url=][/url] We memorized our phone numbers, in case of emergency (AV-22180), but were never allowed to actually use the phone. When we “called” our friends out to play, we [url=]Robert Parish Youth Jersey[/url] stood at their front door and sort of sang out their name – loudly. “Daa-neeee!” Two syllables worked best. To this day, I’m still Danny to the guys I grew up with Downriver. “Neh-ven!” [url=][/url] was natural for Neven, but with guys like Joe, Fred and Mark, we had to improvise a second syllable. “Joo-oh!” and “Mar-ark!” worked, but it was never “Freh-dee!”, only “Freh-ed!” was acceptable. Once everyone was assembled, usually in somebody’s garage, we would get about the business of being boys in the early 1960s until dark. We didn’t [url=]Shaq Mason Jersey Womens[/url] “chill,” we hung out. And we talked to each other – face-to-face. What did we talk about? [url=][/url] Stuff. Stuff included the comic books we traded (that we bought at Rexall Drugs for 12 cents), the Hardy Boys books we were reading and sports. “It’s only been [url=]Shayne Gostisbehere Authentic Jersey[/url] seven years since the Lions were the champs,” I used to argue to the guys, echoing my dad. “Give ‘em time; they’ll be the champs again soon!” Since I made that argument, I’ve grown up, raised three kids, grown old and [url=][/url] have three grandkids. But, that’s a whole different column. We also talked about what, and who, we wanted to be when we grew up. Sports stars, of course, were in the discussion – Alex Karras, Al Kaline, Norm [url=][/url] Cash, Gordie Howe.    [url=][/url]<br />  [url=][/url]<br />  [url=][/url]<br />  [url=][/url]<br />  [url=][/url]<br />  [url=][/url]<br />